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Product Review

Steamers and Lounger

Posted on September 1, 2010

Sunbathing is the most favorite activity during the summer time. The most favorite places are usually on a beach, at the side of a pool, even on your own backyard when you require more private place. Steamers and lounger are the best choice to add comfort for a fun filled sunbath. Lay down on it with a glass of cold lemonade while reading a favorite book, does it sound perfect for the sizzling summer?

The outdoor furniture collection of Auliajati included steamers and lounger in it. Natural finished and unfinished collection of steamers and lounger are presented for the customers in classic shape and design. Certainly, without compromising the quality and convenience of the product made.

This classic design of steamers chair, which looks like the old-fashioned streamer boat, will take you back in time, of course without diminishing comfort in the slightest. It is made to provide comfort, constructed from quality teak wood with an extra contoured leg rest and sloped arm for relaxation.

The other design, which similar to the previous design, is made in classic design either. Its design is completed with folded backrest and leg rest that are adjustable and will fold down. Thus, add comfort for the person who sits on it. The rubber wheels make it easy to move everywhere you like. As well, there is a drink tray slides under chair when storing. You do not have to provide any tables to put the foods and beverages.

Besides these collections, Auliajati provide more collection of garden and outdoor furniture. However, these steamers and lounger are obviously perfect if you looking for comfort and leisure. For further information and other queries, do not hesitate to contact us. As well kindly download for our complete catalog.