Garden, Teak Garden Furniture and Its Function

House as primary need of  people is assoicated with the place for resting and doing personal activities.  As time goes by, houses are built to accomodate people need on enjoying their life.  They provide open space for their other primarily need on the land area beside their house building.

Teak Garden Furniture
Teak Garden Furniture

The open space with many green plantations at home is called garden. For those who live in residential (real estate),  garden is easily created as green area at their home for outdoor activities. For those who live in vertical housing, national park will do for limited outdoor activities. Garden is a combination of green plants, teak garden furniture or gazebo for such comfort and beauty.

Basically garden is the perfect place to hold on many events depends on the home owner needs. If adults has children at young age, garden is the best place for them to know and learn nature as well as creative and be active. It can be a children playground that allows them to run and laugh whole time. Garden also usefull at summer time in having backyard birthday party. Children can play scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, relay race and obstacle course there. The most important thing is that the adults keep their eye on the children. Parents can supervise them from distance with sitting on teak garden furniture.

Garden also the place to enjoy fresh air with tea or cofee served. People love to spend their time with significant other by enjoying the evening on their teak garden furniture. It is a very peaceful and relaxing moment to go outside the house and approach seating teak garden furniture to see garden creatures, flowers, and leave in order to get back their mood.

While when summer comes, it is the time for BBQ lunch party in a nice sunny Sunday. It  always sets on back yard with the host prepare all party need from menu,  decoration,  clean grill kitchen and their teak garden furniture in order to have a memorable family gathering. For consideration on seating teak garden furniture, you may choose a set that comes with parasol to protect from sun exposure. At the end of the day, everybody gather and sit on teak garden furniture enjoy BBQ and make laugh with other member of family. Therefore, to accommodate many people in one table, the right size of teak garden furniture, a set for 10 or 12, will help much.


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