What to Know about Grade-A-Teak Furniture

Grade-A-Teak Furniture

Choosing the grade “A” teak garden furniture is completely really important. Sure, anyone is in need of the quality furniture, especially for the outdoor use. It comes from the quality materials then. If we love to choose wood as the material of the furniture, then, you can choose hardwood ones, as like teak wood. However, teak wood itself has the various types of grades which will also affect much to quality. That is why as we have mentioned before, using the Grade-A teak wood for the furniture is really essential. Sometimes, we often see a lot of stores or sellers of furniture only said that the furniture that they sell made from teak wood without we know whether it is made from the grade-A, grade-B, or even Grade-C teak wood. Many of us often feel tempted to buy the teak wood furniture moreover when it is sold in the very lower price than the common teak wood furniture. Of course, we need to know the quality of the teak wood which is used to make the furniture.

teak garden chairs with arms

Various Grades of Teak Wood
As we have said before, there are some grades of teak woods which are often used. They are Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. Grade-A teak wood refers to the teak tree with the heartwood which is already mature. The tree will need at least about twenty years for getting the mature heartwood. That will also produce the natural oil. It can be seen and also felt when we touch it. That is why the price of grade “A” teak garden furniture will be a bit pricey. Then, the Grade-B teak wood is referring to the heartwood or the teak which is still immature. The furniture made from this kind of teak wood will be much cheaper but with the less durability. The Grade-C refers to the teak wood tree which is still in the form of outer wood. That will be still growing more and more. That is why it will be full of water with less of oil.

Grade-A-Teak Furniture

Choose the Grade-A Teak Wood
When we are going to get wood furniture, especially the garden furniture, it is good to use the Grade-A teak wood rather than the other grades. Besides its quality, it will also be good for the sustainability of the world and environment. So, by being wise on choosing the right teak wood, we will get the right quality grade “A” teak garden furniture with a lot of benefits with it.

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