How to Maintain the Outdoor Teak Furniture

cleaning outdoor furniture

The outdoor teak furniture maintenance is totally needed if you have the teak furniture. That is especially required if the furniture is used or placed in the outdoor area as like the garden area. That will need more maintenance to the furniture properly so that it will be always beautiful and more durable. Outdoor furniture is such the essential thing for dealing with the best maintenance. Actually, each type of the outdoor furniture requires each different type and method of maintenance since it can be made from various types of maintenance. That is including for the outdoor furniture which is made from wood as like teak wood. We have to maintain it well properly if we really know how to do with the outdoor furniture that is made from teak wood. Surely, it would not take much of your time and it would not be really complicated. It is really easy and the key is doing the maintenance regularly.

cleaning outdoor furniture

Outdoor Teak Furniture Protection and Cleansing
The key for the outdoor teak furniture maintenance is about protecting and also cleansing the furniture. For protecting the outdoor furniture, applying furniture cover is a good idea to do. So, when it is not in use, we can cover it properly with the furniture cover. Choose the furniture cover which is right in size and shape. The cover which is fit properly will give the proper protection as well. Then, the routine cleansing is also required. For the light cleaning, you can use the damp cloth which has been dipped into the soapy water. Then, we can use it to clean the furniture gently. Then scrub it using the extra soft scrub. You can do the cleansing routine for your teak outdoor furniture in the beginning and end of the season. The light sanding can also be done for dealing with the stain.

teak garden table and chairs

Tips on Maintaining the Outdoor Teak Furniture
There are some tips on maintaining the teak outdoor furniture. First, if in your area often get harsh winter it is better to replace your outdoor furniture to indoor since it will also be not in use during the winter, right? That will be more effective than we have to use the cover. Second, always reapply regularly the coating of the outdoor furniture, for example once a year. That is including for the water resistant coating or even sun protection coating. So, it will always be well protected. Third, always clean the bird drop or other dirt as soon as possible before it leaves some stains which are hard to be cleaned. Those are the outdoor teak furniture maintenance ideas which will be helpful to keep your furniture beautiful and durable.

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