Indonesia Furniture and Its Popularity

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When it comes to furniture, there are many options of material produced by furniture manufacturers. The options of materials are plastic, aluminium, wood, wicker, and wrought iron. Each type of these materials has its own characteristics that people opt to their own needs and budget. Many people choose cast aluminium because of its look for sturdiness, and some people choose wood as their furniture especially teak wood.

Teak wood has beautiful rich brown colour and firm grain that make it more exotic as outdoor furniture. Teak wood is grown in Southeast Asian Countries, mostly in Indonesia, but it also grows in Central and South America. With Latin name Tectona Grandis, it has been at the first place as furniture due to too many advantages it has. Knowing this situation, Indonesia teak furniture makers have tried since years ago to fulfil the needs of people for quality outdoor furniture. Many furniture makers in Indonesia gain popularity in local and world wide for its success being one of the main providers of teak furniture.

In Indonesia, teak furniture production is concentrated in Java Island and spread evenly in many cities in this Island. However, Jepara, a city which located in north coast of Central Java has been known as the pioneer of carved furniture and expand their products to outdoor furniture as well. The outdoor furniture made by Jepara furniture makers is more to modern style to adjust the needs and demand from global market. The next city of furniture making is Solo, a small city located in Central Java run by a mayor. In this city and its suburban such as Karanganyar, Boyolali, Sragen, and Sukoharjo take role in generating revenue for the country because they make teak furniture business as one of the highest value of exports.

Indonesia furniture manufacturers’ popularity is not made in a shot time or like a finger snap but through phases of process. Therefore, each manufacturer must maintain product quality in order to stand in the competition of teak furniture.

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