Indonesian Furniture Industry

In the ninetieth century, when industry began to play important role in human life, home furniture industry reaches its progress since the modernization.  The improvement of world economic impact on the rapidly progress of global trade include in furniture industry, including for Indonesian furniture industry. Many of countries in Europe, Middle East or like Unites State have imported furniture from other countries. It is including from Indonesia, in which many teak furniture manufacturers are here.

Indonesian Furniture

Indonesia is known for its finest forest product s as well as furniture industry since many years ago. Moreover, the finest quality of teak wood is origin from Indonesian forest. As mentioned before, Indonesia has great places that famous for their furniture products throughout worldwide. Jepara is one of those best places for finest teak furniture, especially traditional typically crafted Indonesian furniture.  Furniture industries in Jepara also make product innovation both in design, variety also in the production processes in recent years. Jepara is famous for its crafted teak furniture, particularly in the past time. Today, wide ranges of teak furniture in kinds, shapes and designs of furniture, either indoor or garden furniture has been mass-produced and manufactured.

In the present day, furniture industries in Jepara have been exported the products. As mentioned before, the destinations are throughout the worldwide, like United State, Spain, France and others. The wood material used is good quality in general, especially for outdoors. Commonly outdoor furniture are put outside and exposed by weather changes, thus it needs finest quality wood for the material. Teak is a kind of hardwood, thus its characteristics are suitable for outdoor and garden furniture. Numbers of teak furniture manufacturers and garden furniture suppliers make best offering of the products, probably in mid-year sale or end year sale. Various finest collections of Indonesian furniture are offered in competitive price. It is the best time to purchase, particularly for bulk purchasing or resellers.

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