Indonesian Teak Furniture

Teak furniture always perfect for use on the outdoor spaces as well as for any purposes. Teak garden set on the patio and teak-stacking chair for outdoor wedding party proves teak is the best for all. Native to tropical country, teak has been widely grown in particular Southeast Asia countries. Indonesia is one of the countries that produce the best teak lumber. Indonesian teak furniture is one of the best commodities from the country since for long times.

Indonesian teak has been proven its long history. Since many years ago, Indonesia has exported both teak lumber and teak furniture all over the world. Now it has been one of important industry in Indonesia. The industry on the other hand can have serious impacts on the environment. Deforestation is the main issue associated to the industry. Teak lumber harvested from the forest in the past, in which provide many resources.  However, massive logging poses a real dilemma for both the environment and human. Deforestation should be stopped anyway. The factories also require a solution to the provision of wood material.

Teak plantation now has been the solution in order to provide teak lumber demand.  Teak plantation is generally monoculture plantation, which manages by authorized. Teak plantation is managed by the Ministry of Forestry, which spread in several places in Java Island. The quality of teak wood produced is strictly controlled from the seed to harvesting time. Teak lumber produced mainly have grade A and grade B. these grades presents the utmost quality of teak lumber. Grade A and grade B of teak lumber is usually used for outdoor purposes or building and home material.

The first type of teak plantation is monoculture plantation. This type of plantation does little to provide wildlife habitat. Other type of plantation is reforesting, which means planting not only one tree species but also more. It is a mosaic of different tree species that providing an abundance of wildlife habitat. It brings back the forest as well as provides us teak wood resources. Teak trees are carefully thinned like in the monoculture plantation.  Therefore, they grow straight for resulting in a better-quality wood.

The industry of Indonesian teak furniture has reached a new level today. Mostly companies’ uses only certified teak lumber from the teak plantation. It has converted into the company’s policy in order to meet customer demands for the quality products they bought. Also preserves nature and the environment for better future.

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