Indonesian Teak Furniture and Handicraft

Indonesian teak wood is one of popular hardwood known for its quality and durability for all types of woodworking.  Teak wood products from Indonesia are ranging from handicraft, sculpture, engraving, and home furniture to other magnificent woodworking to decorate home living space. Otherwise, the country has exported the Indonesian teak furniture and craft all over the world. Both Indonesian furniture manufacturers and crafts are widely spread over several regions in the country, which some of them are main destination for international importers and buyers. We can say both of teak products provide considerable income for the country revenue.

Teak wood or tectona grandis, is native to south and Southeast Asia, which is including Indonesia. Since long times ago, teak is widely use in house and building construction, for doors and windows frames and columns and beans, particularly for typical old wooden houses. Teak has remarkable characteristics to be used outdoor and in long term of period. The wood is very resistant to termite attacks, fungus, and other elements that may harm the wood or cause root and decay.

Indonesian Teak Furniture

Indonesian teak wood is best used for outdoor, therefore many selections of outdoor furniture is made from teak wood. Teak is able to withstand from outdoor weather exposures, like hard rain and extreme summer heat. Teak furniture requires less treatment just to keep it in good condition. Wide ranges of teak outdoor furniture can be selected to enhance your outdoor spaces, for instance teak deep seating which is suitable and very comfortable to accommodate you outdoor seating.

Indonesian teak furniture and craft is also widely available, even craft is one of distinctive stuff that you may find in every place in Indonesia. Such as teak lamp, home decoration made from teak and many more. Indonesia teak products, including Indonesian teak furniture give you not only beauty but also quality and durability even decades and more.

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