Outdoor Area and Teak Patio Furniture

Outdoor spaces such as garden, porch, patio and terrace are best place to enjoy the day. Therefore, all these outdoor areas need to be planned as its function properly. Commonly, a porch shaded by a roof and sheltered by one or two walls with a surface of its floor tends to be raise from the ground. As a transition space from outside in or the other way, porch is expected to reflect the character designs of the house that has a touch of natural environment. Porch is enhanced also with teak patio furniture to complete the function as seating area. Homeowners may receive guest on the porch instead in the living room.

Teak Patio FurnitureTerrace or patio cannot be determined based simply on numbers but rather is determined by its function. For example, as mentioned before, it is an extension of the family room when it is used to receive guests; this clearly has a broad and forming elements of different character. The homeowner’s needs and habits can be seen on the interior design and the garden furniture chosen.

The position could be on the front, side or rear side of the house. It is dependent on the available land area. Usually, front porch or patio is functioned as a place to receive guests, as mentioned before. On the other hand this area should be the face of the house which affects the people impression that’s seen it. Front face of porch or patio should have continuity with the space inside and around the park. Even this area can reflect the character of the homeowner.


Terrace is usually formed by the space left at home or the land forms of the house which wide enough. Often terrace is used for hobby or simply relaxes, so the space needs comfortable furniture, such as teak patio furniture. In addition to more personal, the terrace side usually has enough privacy. Terrace or patio in the backyard generally functioned as an extension of the family room overlooking the backyard which wider than front terrace and more private. It should be designed as comfortable as it is mostly used as a place of family gatherings.

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