The Benefits of Teak Outdoor Furniture

These days, many types of outdoor furniture are available in the market. It can be made of many kinds of material as well to replenish the varieties of outdoor furniture demand. However, among the availability of many kind of furniture material, furniture lovers have nailed teak outdoor furniture as their favorite to beautify their garden, patio, deck, porch, or even conservatory.

Teak wood, with its Latin name Tectona Grandis, has been proven for it usage as finest outdoor furniture. Teak outdoor furniture has its own characteristics of teak wood that make them as worldwide outdoor furniture. These characteristics build up as the benefits of teak itself.

Built to Last
Teak wood is durable wood for woodworking that can be proven scientifically. Teak has been a long time ship construction and building material for hundred years. It is also supported with the strength of teak to resists from bad weather that makes it last for long time.

People always seek for outdoor furniture without bugs or termites since if their existence cause special maintenance to the pieces. In contrast with teak outdoor furniture, it is anti termite and fungus. Its silica keeps the wood from insect attack so that the owners do not have to worry too much.

cleaning outdoor furniture

Easy to Maintain
In term of maintenance, teak needs less treatment than other furniture material. It requires less paint or varnish – as treatment- because it has natural oil content that helps the water absorption resistance.

Teak stands from corrosion when in contact with metal so that many furniture manufacture have the courage to combine teak and metal together as furniture material. The benefit is that the appearance of finished furniture shows a blend of nature and manmade element as an alternative for outdoor living.

Weather Resistance
Teak known as weather resistance if produce as furniture since it has high rubber content. This content helps the wood to resist from high temperature, water and frost without the need of treatment or special coating.

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