The Famous Indonesian Teak Furniture

A rich archipelago known for furniture industry, Indonesia has been famous for it since long time ago.  The quality of Indonesian teak furniture is well known as the finest one in the worldwide. Industry of Indonesian furniture has been grown rapidly over time. It is both for indoor or outdoor furniture. Indonesian furniture is also one of the important commodities in the country. The commodity has been exported to many countries in the world, even to the five continents.

Wide area of tropical forests may be the reason why Indonesian furniture has finest quality among others. Numbers of finest wood come from Indonesian tropical forests. It is such as teak, mahogany, bangkirai, merbau, rattan and other more. These quality woods have been exported as raw materials, unfinished and finished goods. Today, exported raw materials have been lessening in quantity. It is purposed to fulfill the national demands of wood materials. The supply of raw materials for Indonesian furniture manufacturers is taking precedence.

Indonesian Teak Furniture

Talking about Indonesian furniture means talking about teak furniture either. Indonesian teak furniture is one of the best from its kind in the world. Indonesian teak is famous for its durability and strength. It is also for distinctive design and style of teak furniture. The collections will accomplish every home living space. Large numbers of finest Indonesian furniture uses teak wood as material. People, however, also use teak wood for construction, house, boat decking and more.

Teak is one of wood material suitable for craft and other artisan woodwork. Many regions in Indonesia are famous for teak carving. It is for instance Jepara teak furniture. The city is famous throughout the world since many years ago. But today, Indonesian teak furniture is no longer about engraved furniture or crafts. Indonesian furniture, especially made from teak, is beautifully ranging from traditional and classic furniture to simply style of modern furniture.  In the present day, teak is more popular as home living furniture. Indonesian teak furniture is made for both indoor furniture and outdoor furniture.

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