The Need of Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

Home decoration is a part of homeowner activities in keeping the house comfort to live in. When it comes to home decoration, surely they want to be stand out with beautiful and quality furnishing, artwork, and other accessories.

In term of furnishing, outdoor and indoor ones, people are smart to choose now. It is because they concern on the process of production of wood into crafted furniture available in their living space. In many countries, such as Indonesia, many wood furniture manufacturers provide certificates which states that the wood they use can be traced from the log (raw material) until the paint is used in finishing process if it is in accordance with a request from the market or not.

The big issue of using sustainable wood as furniture material is in the air for the past few years. Sustainable furniture is made of material with certain characteristics such as renewable, recycled, environmentally safe, and approved by label certificates.

There are many furniture manufactures in Indonesia, and many of those who focus on selling outdoor furniture made of teak wood such as Indonesia typical. With the issue of sustainable furniture, outdoor furniture manufacturers are also trying to fulfil their obligations and act more wisely in dealing with this issue.

Indonesia furniture export is one of the main sources of national income. Government takes responsible in caring export furniture companies and support export growth by providing facilities needed by the artisans/manufacturers. Giving assistance or knowledge on the process how to get the label sustainable furniture is one of their supports.

In details, government hand in hand with third parties provide guidance on how to make sustainable design of indoor/ outdoor furniture not to mention other woodworking pieces. They design should be easily recycled, efficient, durable and environmentally friendly to accommodate the need of minimalist and efficient product. The others are alternative energy use in manufacturing process, transportation, and labour range of age and exploitation-free.

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