Trees4Trees Programs

Auliajati Indofurni is one participant due sense of responsibility to maintain the natural conservation, as well as to meet the growing needs of the wood. Auliajati Indofurni have followed the rules and regulations that have been standardized by Trees4Trees. Each products sold are replace by others new plants that will continue the products sold have been replaced with new plants that are still going to keep the tree of life. Since choosing the material and entire production process are following the standardization of Trees4Trees programs. This is one of corporate social responsibility of Auliajati Indofurni particular in natural preservation.

At the present time people are more concerning about the environmental issues, related to the pollution, the availability of clean water, either the green house effects issue. This kind of issue is being an important issue as there are many environmental problems caused by humans. People start on applied the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. They’re also using natural material in everything including in home making either for the furniture. This concept is then known eco-friendly house.

As well for the furniture, since long times ago wood still be preferred by mostly people as furniture material. It is providing natural atmosphere either has exotic, sophisticated, and unique design. On the other hand, this issue is not solved simply by using natural material. We have to make a real action to solve these problems. As did in Trees4Trees, which is wood plantations to solve the negative effects of deforestation. Trees4Trees is a non-profit foundation established in Indonesia by responsible furniture manufacturers and their customers worldwide. Trees4Trees programs are empowers local communities through partnership reforestation initiatives either related to education programs.

the programs of Tress4Trees are  including distributes free seedlings of high value species including teak, mahogany, mango and other furniture grades to local farmers and resident land owners in Indonesia. It provides technical guidance on planting and best forestry practices in addition to long term monitoring to help the tree recipients maximize value.

The goal of Tress4Tress programs is providing a practical but effective program for responsible manufacturers and retailers to help the communities and environment where they source their products. Participation is widely open to retailers upon acceptance of Trees4Trees code of ethics and participant rules. Manufacturers in Indonesia who are using planted wood in their products may join upon agreement to follow the foundation’s guidelines on procedures, ethics and wood sourcing. The activities are supported through contributions made by manufacturing and retail participants to fund the replacement of the trees used in the manufacture of their products.

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